Dr Karen Coates is a sought after Women's health expert having appreared in several high profile publications including Women's Health, Vogue, Madison, New Idea and many more. In addition, Dr Karen has been featured 

on several radio and television shows.

Featured in
Australian Women’s Health Magazine February 2014


Introducing our Experts: Women’s Health Dr Karen Coates, February 2014 Issue – Crystelle Coulon


Q&A with Australian Women’s Health Magazine


December 2013


Hormonal health article

Vogue December 2013 – Jody Scott

New Idea Magazine

November 2011

Be guided through the mazes of your body, hormones and stress by the caring hand of women’s-health specialist Dr Karen Coates.


What to expect: The kind of TLC your mother gave you.


December 2012


Working women and mothers often cite exercise as a source of stress rather than vitality, says Dr Coates. By avoiding physical activity, however, you are doing yourself a disservice. Exercise helps dissolve feelings of anxiety and boosts energy levels. – Sophie Muira

Sydney Morning Herald
June 2013


Chemical control: the potent power of beliefs

– by Sarah Berry

Today Tonight
December 2011
BBQ cooking dangers
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