A DNA Test Kit will be posted to you to complete at home. Full instructions will be provided within the test kit on how to collect your saliva sample and how to send it in for analysis.


Allow 3 weeks for test results to be processed once you have posted your test kit to the laboratory.

Once the test results are complete, you will receive via email your 25 page gene by gene results summary.


Expect your intervention report from Dr Karen to arrive via email within 10 working days after you receive the initial test results.


Foundation Kit: Health and Wellbeing profile (Fitgenes kit) includes 64 Genes covering:

  • Inflammation processes
  • Detoxification pathways, includes COMT gene
  • Methylation (B vitamin pathways)
  • Vitamin B12 pathways
  • Vitamin D gene receptors
  • Vascular health
  • Fat processing, including Leptin genes


  • A detailed questionnaire to aid the personalised interpretation of your results.
  • 25-page report detailing your personalised gene profile and health implications of any gene variants detected.
  • A supplementary report and recommendations by Dr Karen based on your results, detailed questionnaire and potential health risks. These recommendations cover diet, lifestyle, appropriate exercise and suggestions for supplements to support the optimal function of any gene variants.




Dr Karen is now offering a review consultation for Fitgenes Health & Wellbeing results - LEARN MORE HERE


Foundation Kit: Health & Wellbeing Profile + Personalised Intervention Report