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How to Be Well 
- a Handbook for Women

This labour of love is a collaboration with my friend and colleague of more than 20 years, internationally respected wellness guru Sharon Kolkka.

It has been born out of our joint intention to offer solid preventative health care information to those who are either looking for answers on how to be well, to improve the way they feel, or those who want to take a preventative approach to their wellness.


At the core of our advice sits principles that are based on our combined 70 years of experience in the wellness industry. We have consulted with experts; we have researched papers on health and disease published in respected medical journals; and we are ideally placed to consider both evidence-based conventional medicine along with traditional healing systems. 

“We hope this book is an invaluable resource in your health and wellness journey."

- AVAILABLE ONLINE and from BOOKSTORES across Australia

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