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PCOS Essential Wellness Program

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Science-based, practical information and action presented in 7 modules, including 44 videos, providing over 4 hours of Dr Karen wisdom

Develop your personalised PCOS management plan

The PCOS Essential Wellness Program sets the foundation for developing a uniquely personalised polycystic ovary syndrome management plan based on science and recent discoveries in genetic research.


Learn about the exciting new wave of personalised medicine based on your unique genetic landscape that can help you make better choices to support your health on a truly fundamental level.


Free comprehensive downloadable book

A 60 page downloadable resource book to keep you focused and moving forward to optimal wellness​

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Access to my research library

Access to my extensive PCOS research library, constantly updated with new discoveries in PCOS

Membership to private PCOS support group

Upon completion of the course you'll be invited to join our private PCOS support group on Facebook

"There are so many success stories from women just like you"

Women just like you have thrown off the shackles of PCOS and are leading happier, healthier lives. 


On my PCOS Essential Wellness Program we give you so many tools to use and explain medical jargon in plain simple terms.


It’s not just a matter of diet and exercise, it’s about understanding how unique you are and what steps to take for you.


Come join us on this journey and take control. We will be thrilled to have you on board.


I'm so confident you'll love our program that I'm offering a money back guarantee.


That's right, if you don't think the course is for you after 14 lessons then we'll happily refund your money.

$89 AUD

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