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Kryptopyrrole Disorder and the domino effect

Many of the chronic conditions that conventional medicine is unable to cure, such as auto immune diseases, anxiety, depression, neurological illness, chronic pain and chronic fatigue can be helped by looking at the sound scientific research involving the use of nutritional medicine.

Some patients have more challenging problems than others. Sometimes the symptoms related to chronic disease, such as increased anxiety, stress and fatigue makes it difficult for these patients to commit to a long-term treatment program.

Often when dealing with the underlying nutritional challenges and environmental toxin load in these patients, when treatment starts symptoms may get worse before they improve. This can place another burden and obstacle to their rehabilitation. It is important for these patients to understand this concept of ‘healing crisis’ or ‘detox’ in order to continue to comply with a management plan.

Often the challenges faced by patients are like an iceberg. The obvious symptoms are above the surface and very evident. Much of mainstream medicine is targeted at symptom control, which may help for a while. If the underlying issues creating the symptoms are not addressed these patients may experience additional problems related to both physical and mental wellbeing. This creates added stress on the body and enters them as players in a game of dominos.

The domino effect of taking a ‘symptom based treatment program’ starts with the neglect of one of the most important organs of our body – the digestive tract. There is also the pharmaceutical domino effect that creates a myriad of symptoms related to drug side effects, which are band-aided by the addition of yet more pharmaceutical drugs.

One of the most important conditions to look for in patients who struggle with immune health, fatigue and symptoms related to anxiety and depression is Kryptopyrrole Disorder.

Common environmental triggers, such as stress and nutritional deficiencies, can activate the nutritional blockage created by this genetically defined disorder. This then results in a cascade of symptoms and further nutritional deficiencies, leading onto worsening symptoms if left undiagnosed and untreated.

There is an increased need for B vitamins and Zinc. These essential nutrients are excreted through the urine in excessive amounts as they bind the abnormal pyrroles. A subtle indicator of this problem may be the inability to keep zinc levels stable, despite adequate zinc supplementation.

A susceptibility to anxiety, insomnia, poor concentration, impulse control and memory can also be symptoms of this disorder. Vague symptoms like joint pains, headaches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome may also be linked to this problem, through the nutritional deficiencies it can create. This can domino on to hormonal imbalance, putting more stress on an already overwhelmed system.

The good news is that diagnosis is as easy as a simple urine test to measure a marker of this disorder. If the level of a metabolite, Kryptopyrrole, is elevated in the urine then the diagnosis is confirmed.

More good news – the treatment involves a specific cocktail of vitamins, minerals and proteins to build a nutritional bridge around the enzyme pathway blockage.

By correcting this imbalance and addressing the other contributors to optimal health, patients who previously responded slowly to treatment may make remarkable progress.

Because of the complexity of this problem, treatment by a practitioner trained in nutritional medicine is recommended. All our medical practitioners are able to diagnose and manage this complex long-term problem.


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