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Sunscreens and Endometriosis

It’s becoming well known that certain chemicals that women come in contact with day- to-day can disrupt the delicate dance of our fertility hormones.

The Bisphenol A family of chemicals (found in plastics) is a proven endocrine disruptor.

But sunscreens contain multiple concoctions of chemicals. And the skin is one of the easy entry points allowing these chemicals to bypass the normal check and balances of gut and liver and get direct access to our bodies.

More and more information is out about the link of a less well-known chemical found in common sunscreens and the development of endometriosis. The culprit: Benzophenone.

So girls, get those sunscreens out and do some homework – if you find Benzophenone listed as an ingredient it is probably doing more harm than good.

Your local health food and organic store will have plenty of safe alternatives that let you stay sun safe without the toxins.


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