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Cellulite’s 7 deadly sins

No matter what your body shape, this cosmetic issue can affect 90% of all women.

Research into the causes of this build-up of irregular fatty corrugations suggests the following lifestyle issues need to be corrected in order to reverse the problem:

1 - Alcohol

Commit to six weeks alcohol free! See the improvement in cellulite appearance, energy levels, sleep patterns and other unexpected health benefits.

2 - Contraceptive pills and other medication

These should be minimised because of the toxic load on the liver, whose job it is to remove today’s dose in anticipation of the next pill! These liver loaders increase body toxicity and are major contributors to cellulite.

3 - Caffeine

This is a liver loader to be avoided in a good detox program aimed at removing the toxins from the cellulite. Set yourself realistic goals and don’t go at it alone (you could see a Naturopathic Practitioner for help with a structured detox program).

4 - Dehydration

Poor water intake increases the body’s concentration of toxins. This puts stress on both the liver and kidneys (our toxic waste removalists). Aim for around 2 litres of fresh water or herbal tea per day (caffeine and alcohol DON’T count!)

5 - Exercise routine

Increasing the blood circulation around the muscles under the culprit areas of cellulite will accelerate the removal of toxins and help tone at the same time.

6 - Foods with preservatives and a high chemical load

All those chemicals that come into our bodies via our diet must either be safely stored or eliminated. The fatty cells contained in the liver or cellulite areas are perfectly designed as our toxic waste storage facilities. This is, in effect, nature’s way of helping us survive in our toxic world. Fewer toxins means less of a need for these fatty toxic pantries.

7 - Stress

Tame your stress hormones and the resultant feeling of wellbeing will help you maintain your commitment to new and healthy options. The stress hormone CORTISOL creates an unhealthy fluid retention which increases the dimpling effect of cellulite.

And lastly, one cause which won’t surprise you – SMOKING! Don't do it!!!

No matter what your body shape or size, a commitment to improving lifestyle choices will create benefits that take you far beyond cosmetic alternatives.


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