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Sunshine is STILL good for you

I have written previously on the pitfalls of taking extreme medical advice in the belief that this advice will be good for health. Now another study from the University of Edinburgh this week on the dangers of listening to the Slip Slop Slap message.

Sunshine on the skin has now been proven to be good for you, beyond its role in creating life essential Vitamin D. This study looked at the production of a blood vessel dilating substance, nitric oxide, by the sun’s interaction with the skin. This effect results in a significant and immediate reduction in blood pressure.

To put into perspective the positive effect of this natural antihypertensive is described by the researchers: those who avoid the sun are 80 times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease, compared to the small increased risk of skin cancers it may produce.

How do we make sense of advice that seems to be based in science, but eventually becomes the wrong thing to do? Apply the rule OF COMMON SENSE: Imagine the feeling of wellbeing gained from turning your face to the morning sun with arms outstretched? That’s good sunshine. How do you feel when you get sunburnt? Make sensible decisions and enjoy your day!


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