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Organic food study

If you thought organic fruit and vegetables offered little extra in the way of nutrition, and are a complete waste of money, you may have to think again.

At a cost of $27 million, a four-year study in the UK has found organic produce contains on average 40 per cent more antioxidants.

In milk from organic herds, the antioxidants were even higher at 90 per cent.

At the same time higher levels of iron and zinc were recorded.All of this, the scientists say, can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

So if you’re not eating the recommended 5 pieces of fruit a day, try 3 or 4 of the organic variety, we’re told, and your life-saving anti-oxidants will increase by at least 20 per cent.

Reporter: Anna Coren, Broadcast Date: October 29, 2007


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